Curriculum in Career and Technical Education -- Course II
Lesson 7: Developing a Course Outline

Practical Exercise -- Developing a Course Plan

The focus of this lesson was the importance of long-range planning in career and technical education programs. In later parts of this series of courses, you will develop unit and lesson plans, but it is critical that you first consider the overall course you will be teaching. For this assignment, develop a Course Plan for a course you now teach or expect to teach in the future. For this assignment, you do not need to conduct a needs assessment or provide community, school, or student background information. That assignment is not required until Course 5.

Before starting, be sure to secure a copy of the state approved framework or competency list for the course you are developing or whatever is equivalent for your discipline. Then:

  1. Indicate the course title (as used in your school) and the actual Virginia course code number.

  2. Prepare a course description.

  3. Develop course goals.

  4. Develop a list of major instructional units (or duty areas).

  5. Develop a comprehensive list of student competencies:

    (Hold in mind that the competency list will later become the basis for the lessons you will teach - specifically, each competency should become a "task statement" for a performance objective. In general, each competency should equate to a lesson; although, several related competencies are often combined to make a single lesson.

  6. Organize the competencies into the units you previously developed.

  7. Sequence the units and competencies for instruction, holding in mind such factors as time of year, pedagogical sequencing, time available, etc.

  8. For each unit of instruction, estimate the approximate time that should be required to teach it.

I am providing a sample course plan for your information on the course web site.


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Course title and state course code #
Course description
Course or instructional goals
Outline of units
Competency (Lesson outline)
Time and date estimates
Conformance to state requirements
Writing style and mechanics
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